Rough and
Industrial Diamonds

MWI Eloquence’s roots in the diamond business date back to the late-1930s when Michael Werdiger started working in the natural industrial diamond business in Antwerp, Belgium. After Belgium surrendered to Germany in 1940 at the outset of World War II, Michael Werdiger escaped from Europe and emigrated to the United States. In 1948, Michael Werdiger formed a partnership with another dealer in the industrial diamond business in New York.

In 1954 he decided to start his own company
- Michael Werdiger Inc.
The Company dealt in natural gem rough and industrial diamonds and sold their goods to manufacturers of tools, saw blades, grinding wheels and drill bits for mining and oil field exploration as well as to gem rough dealers worldwide. In 1964, Werdiger began Diamond Abrasives Corporation which was a distributor of DeBeers synthetic industrial diamonds in North America for more than forty years. While the products were industrial diamonds, both Companies were really in the service business providing more than a thousand different types of diamonds on demand to meet their customers’ requirements. Industrial diamonds are used in a multitude of different applications and are essential to modern life.
Today, Eloquence continues to sell natural industrial diamonds for use in specialty tools. The Company’s decades-long success is based on customer service, quality products and its reputation for integrity and excellence.
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